Even if a state-of-the-art simulator is used to train specialists, this in itself does not guarantee the quality of the teaching process. As a rule, the training process quality depends on the qualification and talent of both the instructor and the training assignment designer. However, recommendations based on scientific research for the process of formulating assignments are practically non-existent. The training courses implemented in our simulators ensure the highest efficiency in terms of the quality of the process control and the industrial facility safety; and this efficiency is substantiated and supported by the actual statistics of accidents and emergencies, and in addition to it by the statistics of the hands-on practice on the simulator. If the simulator is a true and realistic representation of an actual facility in every respect, the trainee who frequently makes wrong decisions when doing an assignment is a “weak link” and a source of a higher level of hazard. Given that the courses are limited in time, correctly designed training courses determine the individual curriculum for each trainee, the assignments themselves and their priority; it will be noted that all of the above ensure that the specialist’s performance in future will be error-free and reliable.

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