“It is better to see a thing once than to hear about it a hundred times”. Modern psychological research confirms these ancient words of wisdom. One is only tempted to add: “to see a thing and use it”. However, such important parameters as pressure, flow rate or consumption of expendable materials cannot be observed directly. The means of “hyper-reality” that are extensively used in our simulators and workbenches help make the ongoing processes highly vivid, and consequently easy to understand. Among these means one can single out the 3D models combined with the mathematical control system models and the interactive simulation workbenches containing miniature hydraulic and other systems which physically simulate individual processes and as any process is in progress these miniature replicas of real equipment are dynamically illuminated from the inside (for instance, mechanical transfer of scrapers, provers, meters and other devices, phase changes or formation of gas pockets in pipelines). This complex controlled by the mathematical models and interconnected with the dispatcher simulators functions as an ICSM model which helps trainees acquire solid knowledge and perfect their skills to control the most complex technological facilities.

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