Simulator for training gas trunk pipeline dispatchers


The simulator for training gas transport trunk pipeline dispatchers is intended for training to operate gas facility equipment in normal conditions and in emergency situations by using the hardware and software packages which simulate the operation of the gas trunk pipeline equipment.


The simulator consists of 1 workstation for the instructor and up to 50 workstations for trainees. The workstations are connected into the local area network.


The objectives which the simulator allows to achieve are to:

  • improve the quality of training dispatchers;
  • enhance the reliability and service life of the technological equipment and reduce repair expenses;
  • reduce errors through the fault of personnel;
  • increase the training system effectiveness;
  • improve personnel’s qualification by way of organizing the personnel training process as a sequence of the instruction materials and the knowledge acquisition test programs;
  • provide trainees with all the facilities to efficiently study on their own and to test their own knowledge;
  • use the automated testing system to evaluate the trainee’s knowledge.

The complex imitates the main non-standard, emergency and adverse situations. It has the option to create various scenarios of emergency and adverse situations progress which can be grouped together by time and by various equipment parameters.

This complex system can operate in a variety of ways:

  • Collective work – all trainees join and work together;
  • Group work – trainees are split into groups (the instructor determines the number of groups and the list of trainees in a group). All the groups work on assignments on their own, independently of other groups;
  • Independent work – each trainee works on his or her own, independently of one another.

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