Solutions for oil and gas production companies

Interactive complex simulator models (ICSM) and workbenches

Oil production ICSM

Dispatcher and operator training simulators

Simulator for training product handling operators
Enclosed 6 (10) kW distributor simulator
3D power system model

Simulation software

DMPipe-Gas – The module for simulating gas transport through the trunk pipeline
DMPipe-Oil – The module for simulating oil transport through the trunk pipeline
DMPipe-Energo – The module for simulating the facility power supply system
DMPipe-MPAS – The module for simulating the automatic control system operation

Software for design and development of training courses

DMPipe-Event – The event generation module
DMPipe-Card – The training chart compilation system
DMPipe-Course – The training sessions schedule system

Training instrumentation benches and actual physical models

Pressure measurement bench
Firefighting automatics bench
Shutoff valve/manifold/piping operation bench
Pressure control system bench
Tank battery bench
Tank fluid level measurement system bench (for vertical steel tanks)
Microprocessor-based automatic system simulator