Pump station hydraulic research stand


Hydraulic research stand is designed for the following:

  • theoretical and practical training of specialists on the process of oil and petrochemical products transportation via main pipelines;
  • carrying out laboratory works under the course “Pipeline transportation of oil and petrochemical products” at Russian State University of Oil and Gas n.a. I.M. Gubkin;
  • ensuring the visualization of non-standard high-speed hydrodynamic processes;
  • training on the automation of main pipelines.


The stand includes three pumping stations (PS) with three pumps with frequency regulation at each station, route pumping of fluid, linear sections of 40 meters with transparent inserts, an inclined gravity flowing section, and tanks for preparing liquid with the required viscosity. The stand is equipped with electrically driven valves, pumps, gates, pressure and flow sensors; with the help of pump control, the stand allows changing the pipeline flow mode from laminar to turbulent mode. All data on the equipment status, sensor readings are displayed on the trainer’s automated work station (AWS) and on the trainee’s automated work place (AWS).


Stand Software provides the following:

  • main pipeline functioning simulation;
  • control of three pumping stations (three pumping units each connected successively), gates, controllable valves, regulating the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the PS, valves;
  • imitation of transit dumping (pumping);
  • imitation of PS pumps starting and stopping process operations;
  • imitation of pressure regulation by reduction of the pressure developed by pumping units at each PS;
  • imitation of pressure control by changing the number of the pump unit revolutions at each PS;
  • measurement of fluid flow and pressure in all sections of the pipeline and in the pipeline-bend (dumping-pumping);
  • measurement of the pressure at the inlet of each PS behind and beyond the manually adjustable gate at the PS exit;
  • pressure measuring at the exit of each pump;
  • mnemocircuit of the hydraulic stand displays all parameters of the fluid flow mode (pressure, flow, state of all actuators: open / closed, on / off, position, number of revolutions, etc.).

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